Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe


Improve your style by curating a closet of few but better items that compliment your shape, aesthetic and lifestyle


Each month tens of thousands of individuals seek ways to streamline their personal style by searching Google for “capsule wardrobe” or similar keywords.

In light of this, we secured the domain name and designed a website to help readers curate a closet of essential items they will love.


The website was designed on Squarespace and includes a directory of dozens of minimalist brands linked to the Skimlinks affiliate program for easy monetization.

It also has several articles that can be used to drive traffic by pinning to Pinterest, email opt-in (plus lead magnet), and more.

This is a stunning website that is ready to monetize and perfect for the blogger or style-loving entrepreneur who sees its potential.

Please contact us to request a fact sheet, express your interest and start the conversation about this brand.

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