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Life, business & career coaching

We provide a structured process, one-on-one support and accountability to help you achieve freedom, fulfillment and fortune. Our proprietary coaching model will empower you to thrive in your life and life’s work.


Freedom, fulfillment and fortune

After surveying, interviewing and coaching over 1,000 individuals and businesses, we’ve developed a 3-part formula for how to thrive in life and work, which is the core of our coaching model.



Feeling empowered to live on your own terms and freely express yourself, your interests and your ideas.


Learning how to listen to your intuition and manage your emotions to enhance your creative output.


Developing a growth mindset and the pertinent skills to create wealth and abundance for yourself and others.



READY TO elevate your life & work?

From teams at iconic brands like Disney to renowned classical musicians and serial entrepreneurs, we’ve supported motivated businesses and individuals in the pursuit of their personal, creative and professional goals.

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What is coaching?

The purpose of coaching is to partner with a personal or professional development specialist who can assist you in identifying and achieving specific goals and making significant changes in your life and work.

If you decide to partner with us, we will help you design and implement life, creative and business strategies for figuring out and getting to where you want to be in an efficient, effective, and rewarding way. We will also serve as a support system and accountability partner motivating you to stay on track and empowering you along the way.

Explain what coaching isn't

We won't tell you how to run your life or work. We will help you uncover what you want to do and give you a set of tools and recommendations to make decisions that'll bring about the change you desire. You will always make your own decisions and fully own your actions.

We are not therapists or psychologists and will not counsel you on issues related to mental illness, depression, and the likes. Where a therapist is often past-oriented — working to unpack things that happened in your life and solve deep-set emotional problems — coaching is future-oriented. Coaching will help you employ tactics that get you from here to there in your work and life.

Exactly how will I benefit?

Our coaching program will empower you to bring about the change you want to see in your life and work — which go hand-in-hand and should not be managed as separate entities.

We will identify what you want to accomplish — be it starting a business, nurturing your creativity or feeling more happy with life — and put a gameplan in place for seeing results.

We will partner with you every step of the way. As a team of self-help authors, coaches and entrepreneurs, with master degress from top schools like Stanford University, Yale University and the London School of Economics, we have not only the academic training, but real life and work experience to draw from.

We've been where you are but can provide a unique perspective on the many different elements necessary to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.

How does it work, what can I expect?

Coaching is designed to be an exploration into who you want to be, what you want to do, and how to get there.

There's no specific time frame necessary. Some of our clients solve their challenges in only a month while others devote a year or more to the development of their life and life's work.

We'll kick off our partnership with a personalized questionnaire that we'll create for you so we can outline and evaluate your specific needs.

Next, we'll schedule a one-hour discovery session, which is a call designed to uncover where you are stuck, and to identify the professional or personal areas you need the most help developing.

From that session we'll develop a strategic roadmap so your sessions going forward are focused. We'll send this to you to review and make any necessary adjustments. We can also make changes to it at anytime.

We'll then schedule ongoing weekly or bi-weekly calls and follow the roadmap to continuously work on your self-identified goals in the most efficient, effective, and rewarding way.

Each session will wrap up with an actionable game plan comprised of detailed homework (and supporting resources we'll send to you as needed) for you to work on in between calls.

Note your sessions will be virtual via Zoom audio unless you have a preferred contact option you want to use.

What type of coaching do you offer?

We offer three types of coaching:

  • Life Coaching — with a focus on helping you design your ideal life and determine and pursue purpose.

  • Career Coaching — with a focus on helping you chart your career path and identify/pursue lucrative opportunites. We also coach applicants to MBA and post-graduate programs.

  • Business Coaching — with a focus on helping you start or grow a business or creative pursuit.

How is your coaching program different?

First, we've created a proprietary coaching formula that you will not find anywhere else. Second, our approach is inquiry based which means we ask you thoughtful questions that help you think about your life and work in a fresh way.

Moreover, we integrate design thinking into our coaching methods. Designing thinking is a proven methodology for solving problems and discovering opportunities designed by renowned Stanford University professors.

We also focus on simplicity. We've found that many personal, creative and business growth challenges stem from mental clutter, distractions, lack of focus, and the inability to prioritize. We help clients eliminate complexity in their life and work by removing the inconsequential.

We don't coach from theory but draw heavily from our personal experiences as a coaches, authors and entrepreneurs — living life on our own terms.

Collectively, we have over 15 years of experience and comprehensive training in a range of business, creative and personal development competencies that we weave into the Everesse coaching practice.

Is this program right for me?

This program is specifically designed for individuals who are motivated to live life and do work on their own terms. Our coaching program is focused on helping you thrive by finding the right balance between freedom, fulfillment and fortune.

We've been where you are and it took hiring a support team of life, wellness, and business coaches to get where we are now. So we believe in the power of a having a solid support system and accountabilty partners. If you don't want to go at it alone then coaching is a great solution for you.

Can you guarantee my success?

Gosh, we wish we could but no we can't. We can guarantee you will be empowered to develop a purpose, build a process to achieve that purpose, and be equipped with tools to help you continually make progress.

However, we can't predict the future so can't say with absolute certainty that you'll achieve success. Every person has to take smart risks for potential returns. What we promise is that we will assist you in making smart decisions that highly increase your likelihood for success.

What is the investment?

Coaching starts as low as $249 per session. However, we do offer significant discounts ranging from 15-25% for session bundles. Book your complimentary session to learn more about them.

I have more questions

We're here to answer them! The best way is for you to book a complimentary coaching session so you can learn more.


Life Coaching

Determine a purpose-driven life vision and align each area of your life in pursuit of it. Find enduring happiness and confidence by living life on your own terms.

Business Coaching

Start and grow a thriving, profitable business that gives you a deep sense of professional fulfillment while also supporting your financial aspirations.

Creative Coaching

Nurture your creative faculties and influence the world with your talent and ideas via an immersive process that energizes and inspires you.

Everesse Coaching