Business Consulting

We provide strategic consulting, coaching and interim management for senior and executive leadership at emerging startups, established businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Executive coaching

We provide strategic coaching to senior leaders and executives with a focus on supporting you in the clarification of objectives and development of core skills to help your team, division or business achieve its strategic vision. In addition to individual coaching, we also offer team workshops.

With coaching, we provide accountability and guidance. This is distinct from consulting in that we do not directly offer solutions for your business challenges or opportunities, but help you generate them yourself.

Strategic consulting

Our team offers subject matter expertise in the areas of marketing, branding, digital, social, e-commerce and general growth strategy. With consulting, we hone in on a specific problem or area of opportunity and create a tailor-made action plan for improving performance and achieving the change or growth you desire.

If feasible, our team can also work closely with you to implement your strategic plan. Our start-to-finish involvement ensures we are available to provide on-demand assistance as you build out and execute our recommendations.

Interim management

Everesse is able to fill part-time and full-time senior and executive-level positions for startups who aren’t yet ready to commit to a hire or companies who haven’t found the right candidate yet. Though we typically work remotely, we are able to travel or relocate for a limited period of time when absolutely critical to the role.

Where a permanent role is unnecessary or impossible, interim management with an Everesse expert (all of whom have a minimum of 15 years experience) is a cost-effective and ideal way to continue powering the change, innovation and growth you desire in your organization.


Is senior or executive coaching or consulting right for me?

If you are a senior-level or executive leader, founder or owner at an emerging startup, well-established business or Fortune 500 company then this service is right for you.

If you are starting a company, running a young or small company (under $1 million in funding or revenue) or seeking personal development, then please refer to our individual coaching program.

What is your area of focus, speciality expertise?

From a functional standpoint we specialize in marketing, branding, digital, e-commerce and general growth strategy. From an industry perspective, we specialize in consumer, lifestyle and luxury brands.

Who will I be working with?

Everesse has an in-house team of three executive coaches and expert consultants. In most cases you will work directly with Aja Edmond, our co-founder and head coach and consultant. Where her capacity is limited, we will determine the best professional for your needs.

What is the investment?

Executive coaching is $500 per 90-minute session with substantial discounts for coaching bundles and workshops. Strategic consulting starts at $5,000 per project. The investment for interim management is completely tailored to your needs and budget.

How do I learn more and get started?

Please schedule a brief 30-minute consultaton with Aja to further discuss your goals and needs and learn more about our offerings.