Manifestation tip 15: act with authority

Manifestation tip 15: act with authority

How many people do you need to get permission from before you live the life you want to live? 

Mother, father, grandparent, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, in-law, friend, spouse, child, boss, colleague, neighbor, enemy, frenemy, your ex, random person you just met, random celebrity you will never meet? 

Have you subjected yourself to the expectations, opinions or beliefs of all these different people? You may be thinking, of course not, but let's be real — yes, you have. You want to believe you are 100% your own person but you are not. 

As social beings we are incredibly impressionable and care deeply about social norms. It's part of our evolutionary makeup. So now that we've got the trick question out of the way, a better way to ask this is, to what extent?

To what extent are you allowing all of these people to govern how you rule your world? 

How many bits and pieces of your personal power have you slivered away? How much sway have you give them over your thoughts, ideas, opinions, habits and behaviors?

Are you ok with the amount of influence other people have on your life? 

If the answer is no, I am not ok with the extent to which they rule my world, then it is time to take the reins. You can't control everything in life, but that's even more reason to step up and direct what is within your control. 

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.
— Alice Walker

If you don't see and own your personal power and stop pandering to the whims of others, you will remain small and your life will not resemble your vision. It will look more like a poorly stitched patchwork of other people's fancies. 

The only person you need to ask for permission to be who you want to be is you. Start by incorporating that as a general rule. Exercise your autonomy, act with authority, and you will gradually and naturally begin to command more of your life.