Manifestation tip 6: be like water

Manifestation tip 6: be like water

The most plentiful substance on earth, water provides a perfect model for how to be abundant. 

Nature provides cues to how we can approach life and the ways of natural elements and phenomenon serve as perfect analogies.

Water is one such element. It is the most plentiful substance on earth and its properties provide a model for how to be abundant:

  • essential — all life depends on the nourishment of water to survive and the multitude of its functions to thrive

  • capable — it handles obstacles with ease and simply flows over, under or through anything in its way 

  • versatile — it can transform its state and exist as solid, liquid or gas depending on the season or conditions

  • formidable — it supports and sustains but can also dissolve and demolish as the circumstance calls for 

  • neutral — virtually colorless, odorless and tasteless it is humble and equitable despite its strength and significance 

Nothing is weaker than water, but when it attacks something hard or resistant, then nothing withstands it, and nothing will alter its way.
— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

When you emulate water, you are simple, sensible and supple. You have an enormous amount of energy and great force but you expend it effortlessly, efficiently and effectively. 

Being like water means being mindful, in balance and true to your essence — knowing how or when to create or destroy, to be or do this or that, with perfect timing and in alignment with nature.