Manifestation tip 12: clear the clutter

What are you holding on to that is taking up capacity and making it difficult to create space for what you really want?

Clutter is anything that prevents you from clearing a path or reserving space for what you want or need. There are many different types of clutter which can be roughly classified as: 

  • physical —  persons, places or things

  • mental — thoughts, beliefs or habits

Anything that is created needs space to exist within. Either it takes up existing space or space expands to accommodate it. 

The universe is continuously enlarging itself to make room for its creation. And so it may seem that space is boundless and there is infinite capacity for new stuff. 

However, expansion is not always a possibility in the physical realm where limits and boundaries have been imposed. 

Even in the non-physical realm, expansion is sometimes an impossibility. For instance, how many different thoughts or ideas can you entertain at one time before your mind becomes exhausted?

You only have so much capacity for physical and mental stuff. As you near your capacity it will become increasingly difficult to bring forth new stuff. Once you reach capacity your ability to create completely halts and nothing new can materialize. 

Clear signs that you are at capacity include:

  • a sense of stagnation or feeling as if you aren't growing, flowing or developing as you should

  • a persistent unease with certain things in your life that no longer seem to fit with the person you are or want to be

  • a longing for freshness or a deep set desire to do, have or experience something new

  • the perception of disproportionate resistance against anything you try to create (even small things that should be relatively easy to manifest are blocked) 

Another telltale sign is that life starts to feel dense and heavy. Perhaps you are feeling physically or mentally sluggish for no reason or it takes so much more energy to do everyday things than usual. 

This is an indication of overload and overwhelm. Just like a computer runs slow when its memory is full, you run slow when you've got too much stuff draining you and dragging you down.

With introspection, you can identify the areas that need to be cleared so space can be freed up.

Things like toxic relationships, outdated idealogies, and the accumulation of possessions you don't need are all examples of clutter that's stopping you from manifesting your desires. 

Regularly clearing clutter, by evaluating what's in your life and letting go of things that no longer suit you, should be an integral part of your personal development plan. 

The less I needed, the better I felt.
— Charles Bukowski

Decluttering is not just a home organizational tool, a trendy method of folding clothes or a cute way to arrange your closet so it's instagram-worthy. It is a pertinent life principle that's essential to the manifestation process.