Manifestation tip 2: elevate your health

Manifestation tip 2: elevate your health

If you have tunnel vision and are only focusing on manifestation in one area of your life, you may not see how this is working against you.

Prosperity is well-being which includes wealth and wellness. Yet, an area that is commonly neglected in the quest for money is the state of the physical body. 

But if your physical health is subpar it could be hindering you from making progress in other areas of your life, including your finances.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you dehydrated? 

  • Are you sedentary?

  • Are you stressed? 

  • Are you sleep-deprived? 

  • Are you over-eating, under-eating or eating poorly? 

  • Are you smoking, taking drugs or over-indulging in alcohol?

  • Are you ignoring pains, illnesses or ailments?

  • Are you putting off routine examinations or other important doctor appointments?

  • Are you over-exerting your body?

  • Are you putting your physical safety at risk? 

Don't be surprised if you see other areas of your life improve — including your finances — as you elevate your health. 

Identify and address any glaring health issues then put a simple self-care routine in place. The different areas of your life are interconnected and should be managed as a whole. This integrated and balanced approach is the true essence of prosperity. 

Manifestation tip 2: elevate your health