Manifestation tip 14: elevate your mindset

Manifestation tip 14: elevate your mindset

It takes more than just positive thinking to create the conditions you want in your life. However, orienting your thoughts towards your desires is a preliminary requirement. 

If your thoughts are in the gutter then you will soon find yourself wallowing in squalid conditions if you don't change what you persistently think about. 

This does not mean that there isn't a time or place for negative emotions. Both positive and negative thoughts are natural because we live in a ying-yang world where positive and negative phenomenon co-exist and balance each other.

It's pretty silly to exclaim "I feel great" when you've never felt worse. In fact, that's delusional. No good comes from lying to yourself. It’s better to tell the truth.

So no, a negativity fairy won't suddenly appear and place a curse on you just because you are having a bad day or navigating some difficult stuff that has you feeling down. You can stop being paranoid about that. It's an unfortunate myth that has you living in fear for no reason. 

Elevating your mindset is not about thinking more positive than negative thoughts or eliminating negative thoughts altogether. It is about being the mastermind of your thoughts so you can finetune and align your mentality with your goals. 

It's asking, I don't feel good right now but what might I do to feel better? It's saying, this is a rough process but I will learn all I can from the experience.

It's acknowledging the good and bad then setting an intention to persist despite the circumstances.  

If you find yourself ruminating on undesirable things and looping in a downward spiral, then it means you've gotten stuck in a rut and may need to recalibrate your mindset. 

This is where gently shifting your thoughts towards more uplifting things (in a self-compassionate and non-judgmental way) can help. 

Whatever is true
whatever is noble
whatever is right
whatever is pure
whatever is lovely
whatever is admirable
if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.
— Paul the Apostle

On the other hand, if you are caught up in a fantasy world of nothing but positive thoughts that aren't rooted in reality nor helping you achieve your objectives, this is just as unproductive as negative rumination. 

Wearing rose colored glasses can sometimes do more harm than good and may require disentanglement from your overly idealistic notions so you can become more grounded and learn how to live in and navigate the real world. 

Elevating your thoughts will help you develop a growth mindset. It will help you become savvy at recognizing where you are, envisioning where you want to be and creating a strategy to bridge the gap. 

In life you will confront both negative and positive thoughts, feelings and situations, but with a growth mindset the net outcome will be progress.