Manifestation tip 17: eliminate the nonessential

Manifestation tip 17: eliminate the nonessential

Feeling overwhelmed with everything you have going on? Trying to do it all may be the culprit. 

Somewhere along the way something made it on the list that you really didn’t want there. In fact, you probably psyched yourself into believing it was important but deep down you knew it really was not. 

You secretly don’t want to do it all but at times you get suckered into thinking you should. You know you need to fall back, but instead follow the well-intentioned but not always applicable hype that says you should “lean in" and "just do it". 

You may even feel guilty when you it’s hard to muster up motivation for certain activities and, instead of embracing procrastination, you ignore the internal voice telling you to take it easy. 

When you conform to external expectations about how to live your life, it's easy to make misinformed decisions that aren’t aligned with your vision.

Most of what we say and do is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more time, and more tranquillity. Ask yourself at every moment, is this necessary?

But we must not only eliminate unnecessary acts, but also, unnecessary thoughts, so that unnecessary acts will not follow.
— Marcus Aurelius

But the good news is this: if you take time to pause and reassess all what you have going on, it’s also easy to identify the outliers. 

With clarity of mind and a little bit of courage, it is not hard to refocus and drop the stuff that had no business being on your plate in the first place. 

By not doing it all, you'll be able to cultivate awareness, clarity, and focus.

This trifecta of essentialism will streamline your life and empower you to be ruthless about cutting things that don't need to be there. 

You'll develop more awareness about yourself and how you perceive the world. Next will come clarity — about who you are, what you believe in and what you do and do not care about. 

Clarity, then, will allow you to have focus so you can prioritize and efficiently allocate your time, effort, and resources to what matters most.