Manifestation tip 4: embrace the darkness

Manifestation tip 4: embrace the darkness

Sometimes we must go down into the basement of our spirit, seek the shadows and conceal our light. 

You may be in a situation where it seems like the goodness in you and the good you seek to do is being undermined. 

You may have a genuine desire to be a light in this world but are being put down by individuals, institutions or some invisible force you can't yet identify.

You may not be getting the recognition you desire or aren't being financially compensated for your efforts. You seem to have hit an immovable barrier or someone is actively trying to hold you back. 

It does not mean the universe is conspiring against you, it simply means that light attracts both positive and negative energy. 

And there may currently be an excess of negative energy drawn to you. Too much to defeat — so it's better to retreat as it might be counterproductive for you to try and fight it. 

This is not the time to shine brighter. You don't always win by displaying your brilliance. On the contrary, more light at this time may invite more adversity. 

Perhaps it is better to turn off the bulb and do your work in the darkness for the time being. Don't stop making progress but keep a low profile and don't draw attention to yourself. 

Be consistent in your pursuits and stay confident but move forward with stealth. Find strength in the shadows and be patient, trusting that you will yield a harvest from your hardship.

Like certain plants and flowers thrive in the shade, you too can survive in the dark. Stay behind the scenes until the negative forces have dissipated and circumstances feel more balanced. Then you can reveal your light and shine bright again. 

Manifestation tip 4: embrace the darkness