Personal growth challenge: how to find yourself in 30 days

Personal growth challenge: How to improve your life in 30 days

Want to find yourself and completely change your life? If you have the self-motivation to commit to a personal growth challenge, follow our simple guide. 

One question that comes up quite often in our customer survey is: what tools do you have that will allow me to find myself and change my life — fast? And we get it. Because sometimes you get to a point where you know you need to make a shift and need to do so immediately.

In response to this, we’ve developed a simple yet structured process as well as a collection of resources that will help you build a personal development routine, no matter if you are working on a small goal or are looking to completely turn your life around.

If you are self-motivated and willing to devote just a bit of effort, you can use this structure to find yourself and change your life in 30 days, or whatever timeline you have the capacity to commit to.

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Step 1: Identity why you need to find yourself

As life coaches and personal development specialists, when someone comes to us because they feel lost in their life, it is typically due to one or more of three key setbacks. Figuring out how to find yourself likely means you need to do work in the following areas:


You haven’t determined a purpose for your life or life’s work so have no clarity or focus.


You haven’t developed a sound process for realizing your purpose so have no direction.


You haven’t made progress and are stuck because you can’t overcome self-limiting behaviors.

Step 2: Determine how you want to change your life

Once you know where to focus, before you set out on the journey to change your life, you need to spend some time reflecting on the nature of your challenge. You need to allocate some time upfront in figuring out what it is you want to change. For example:

If you don’t have a purpose for your life then you probably lack self-awareness and clarity. It is likely that you’ve never spent any time working on how to be happy.  As a result, you have no focus and your life is like a ship without an anchor blowing wherever the wind takes it.

If you have a purpose but haven’t developed a sound process to realize it, then your life vision can’t be fully manifested. Many people we coach fall into this category because they don’t realize that it’s not enough to hope, wish or dream — you have to act by executing against a smart strategy.

If you have a purpose and process but aren’t making progress, then you likely have to work on overcoming self-limiting behaviors. It is most frustrating when you have a complete game plan but keep sabotaging yourself. This happens when you haven’t grasped how the different areas in your life contribute to or detract from your goals.

The above inherently assumes that your personal development efforts are fully determined by you, but recognize that you also have external situations and circumstances outside of your control that factor into this as well. Understanding the nature of your challenge also involves clearly delineating what’s in your power to change and what’s not — then focusing on the former.


Step 3: Change your life with a 30-day personal development plan

Once you know the challenge you are up against, you can start creating and executing your personal development plan. The process we propose is simple:

  • improve one thing a day

  • for only 5 minutes a day

  • for only 30 days straight

To support you in the challenge, we’ve bundled over 100 personal development tools into The Study, our digital library that you can access for a low monthly subscription. To use The Study with your 30-day plan all you need to do is:

  • Select one topic from the library

  • Download the corresponding content

  • Work on it for at least 5 minutes

  • Repeat for 30 days

Now if you don’t know where to start and need a much more structured and comprehensive approach to changing your life, here’s an example of how you can use the resources in The Study (all included in your membership) to change your life in just 5 minutes a day for 30 days.

Vision (10 days)

The Happiness Workbook helps you set your life vision. It makes you aware of where you are right now and how to close the gap between where you want to be. Based on positive psychology, it provides a research-backed method for achieving happiness that lasts. 

Strategy (10 days)

The Manifestation Journal is not an esoteric tool, but a rational technique for pursuing your life vision. It guides you through a step-by-step strategy for bringing forth (“manifesting”) the ideas, goals and desires that will make you happy.  

Action (10 days)

The Minimalist Planner ensures that your strategy translates seamlessly into action items in your daily routine. It helps you outline, schedule and monitor tangible actions against the goals you have set yourself in the Manifestation Journal.

Gratitude (extra credit)

You can amplify and extend your happiness by spending a few extra days practicing gratitude. The Gratitude Diary is your surefire way to cultivate daily life satisfaction. It helps you reflect on and appreciate the good in your life while also spotting additional opportunities for growth, happiness and success.


Find yourself and change your life

You can’t sustain a life-changing personal development plan without taking full ownership of the change you want to make in your life. Countless studies show that people default to old mindsets, behaviors, and actions when they don’t fully invest in their vision.

We designed over 100 personal development tools in The Study to help you easily commit to finding yourself and improving each area of your life. Empowered with the right resources, there is nothing holding you back from determining your purpose, putting a process in place to pursue it, and overcoming self-limiting behaviors so you are constantly making progress.