Manifestation tip 13: pay the price

Manifestation tip 13: pay the price

Everything comes at a cost. Are you able or willing to pay it? If not, then is it worth desiring?

When an idea or desire forms in your mind, the first thing you need to do is assess how much work it will take to realize it. 

Next, double your initial estimate to account for lowballing, then ask yourself: am I willing to do the work, am I willing to expend the energy required to manifest this? 

Always vet your fleeting thoughts before upgrading them to full-fledged wants, because it makes no sense to stir up desire about something when you:

  • don't know what it requires to bring forth 

  • don't have the wherewithal to bring it forth

Moreover, don’t covet what someone else has before you understand what they went through to obtain it. It could very well be that you would never do what they did to get that thing. 

Why cause yourself undue turmoil for something you can't or won't make an investment in? Stay out of the store if you know the average price point is above your means.

The notion that you can window shop your way through life is foolishness. It's ok to look, admire and keep moving. But looking, lingering and longing without any intention, plan or ability to obtain is a terrible waste of energy and a sure path to discontent and unhappiness. 

Window shopping is not an effective manifestation technique. You won't acquire anything by just hoping and wishing. 

Stop gawking at stuff out of your reach unless you are willing to stretch out, extend yourself and grab it. Either it's worth working for or it's not. Either it's worth the risk or it's not. Either you are ready to pay the price or you're not. 

The price may be your money.

The price may be your relationships.

The price may be your health.

The price may be your time. 

The price may be your reputation.

The price may be your dreams.

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run.
— Henry David Thoreau

Do you know the price? Are you sure it's worth it? If yes, advance to the checkout counter. If no, please proceed to the exit.