How to find and own your personal power this year

How to find and own your personal power this year

Power is essential for having impact and influence. Your ideas, projects or missions can't grow without it.

I used to pride myself on not being power-hungry. I have a "behind the scenes" personality which means I'm perfectly content living my life without glory, authority or superiority.

But eventually I realized, from direct feedback, that my work has scaled because people perceive me as being powerful. And any attempts l've made to downgrade that perception undermined my success.

But because I was not power-seeking it perplexed me that this was the vibe I organically exuded. Why was I being seen as a person of power when I was not actively seeking it?

This question led me to rethink the concept of power. You may also have some stereotypical views about power that make you avoid it or look down on it.

However, in order to thrive in your life, business and creative pursuits you must recognize and step confidently into your personal power. Here's how.

Why you need power

Power is a form of creative energy that allows you to exert some level of control over yourself, others or situations and circumstances. Power is impact. It is influence. It is expression. And, it is manifestation.

In order to bring forth an idea, be a catalyst for change, direct the course of events or inspire individuals, you must have and use power. Just like your devices are lifeless until they are plugged into a source of electricity, your intentions will lay dormant until they are backed by power.

How to find your power

Stereotypical scenes of power are played out by public figures and people in "high" places. The boss, the celebrity, the influencer and the politician are examples of dominate cliches that color our perception of what power is.

And because we often witness power being misused in these instances, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths. We think we either need to completely change who we are to pursue power, or avoid it altogether.

This is an unfortunate misperception but it can be corrected. You can find and nurture your distinct approach to power by evaluating your own dynamism i.e. how your energy acts on and in people, places and situations.

When you appear what seems to shift in a space or environment? When you contribute how do ideas and plans tend to progress? Use self-inquiry to reveal how you may be unknowingly exerting power in your own unique way. I’ve created a number of tools in the Growth Mindset resource library to assist you with this.

How to use your power

Once you've identified your authentic approach to power, leverage it to transform thoughts to things, goals to accomplishments and wishes to reality.

For instance, in writing books and articles I use the power of my words to inspire action in readers. In my coaching session I use the power of observation and intuition to provide transformative guidance. I am not aggressive or overly coercive, but I wield power all the same.

Once you build confidence in your suite of power tools all you need to do going forward is select the appropriate tool for the job and flip the on switch.

Take inspired action

If you are ready to find your personal power and use it to develop your life and work, choose just one small step to take action today.