How to build a powerful sales funnel that attracts, nurtures and converts

How to build a powerful sales funnel that attracts, nurtures and converts

With almost all the important elements of your business in place, last but certainly not least is your marketing plan — and the sales funnel is at its core. 

You can't just build and expect people to come. You've got to put a mechanism in place that helps you lure your perfect customers.

There are no shortage of marketing tactics but not all of them are right for you and your effort is best spent focusing on only one or two at a time. 

For brand new entrepreneurs tapping into your existing network is a great way to start getting business, while more established entrepreneurs can amplify word of mouth through a referral program.

However, for all entrepreneurs — new and established — I'm a firm believer that you must have a content-driven sales funnels. This is one of the most powerful promotional methods for capturing and nurturing leads.


  • What is a sales funnel?

  • Digital or social promotion

  • Evergreen blog content

  • Compelling email opt-ins

  • Engaging email series

  • High-converting landing pages


Marketing is the strategic process of exposing your business to high quality leads (potential perfect customers) and then nurturing those leads so that they eventually feel comfortable paying for your products and services. 

A content sales funnel is the key component of your marketing strategy. It's simply the steps you lead potential customers through in order to establish trust and engage with them so that they eventually become convinced that your business is best for them. 

At the top of the funnel is your means for driving traffic to your website. From there you move potential customers through phases that act as sort of a vetting process. Most of your potential customers will drop out of your funnel at some point because they don't believe you are a fit or aren't ready to pay for your offerings.

However, those who make it to the bottom of your funnel are likely your perfect customers. The longer a potential customer stays engaged the more likely they are to support your business. Your goal is to nurture them with high value content so you can eventually close the deal. 


At the top of your funnel is the set of tactics you use to drive quality traffic to your website. This can be a range of marketing channels including Google or social media ads. 

My preferred channel for both organic and paid activity is Pinterest as I believe this is an underutilized source of quality traffic for comparable businesses which allows me to stand out.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that gives you the ability to target people looking for solutions and inspiration and it is an essential channel for lifestyle business such as fashion, beauty, wellness, personal growth, etc. 

In my coaching program I work with business owners on their Pinterest and other traffic-driving tactics in-depth.  However, no matter what channel you use, you should focus your efforts on only one or two max especially if you are just starting out. 


Your digital promotions should lead potential customers to incredibly useful content — ideally evergreen blog posts. Evergreen blog posts stay relevant over time so you can write it once and promote it over and over again. 

Your blog posts should be highly targeted to the specific goals and challenges of your perfect customer (use your persona as a guide on what to write) as the whole purpose is to compel them to want to learn more about you and what you have to offer. 


A great way to stay connected to potential customers once you lead them into an evergreen blog post is to give away something free (also called an opt-in) in exchange for their email. It can be a free e-book or whatever piece of content you believe would be attractive to them. 

The most important action you want a potential customer to take is to sign up to receive emails from you so that you can continue nurturing them even after they leave your website. 


Once you collect the email from your potential customer you want to send them through an email series that introduces you, your business, and how you can add value to them. 

This series should start off non-salesy and instead offer incredible value to convince your potential customer to stay subscribed. As you continue nurturing them you can shift into a more direct sales pitch to present your offerings.  


When pitching your products and services, be sure to set up landing pages for each one that's designed to convert interested visitors. 

I use a variety resources to help my clients understand the anatomy of a landing page,  but the main goal is to close the deal by addressing the problem you are solving, how you will solve it, and eliminating any doubt the potential customer may have. 

The above is just a taste of a simple content sales funnel you can use to attract, nurture, and convert your perfect customers.

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