Manifestation tip 11: simply stand still

Manifestation tip 11: simply stand still

When you hit an obstacle, it's rational to think that you need to do something to change the situation. But there's a counterintuitive approach that might work better.  

Unknown fact: you don’t always need to do, start, or add something to solve a problem. That’s because, there may be problems that are too big for your conscious mind to handle.

Sometimes a deductive approach (removing, stopping, or avoiding) is a more effective means of dealing with complex situations as it quiets the conscious mind and allows the unconscious mind to kick it.

When it comes to manifesting opportunities (or manifesting yourself out of problems), the stop and withdraw approach works surprisingly well.

Doing too much could be the culprit or it could be causing clutter or chaos that is hiding the solution. 

This is not about being a minimalist (though that philosophy helps), this is about learning how to take pause, stand still and allow situations to work themselves out for your good, without your interference.

But here is why, even though this sounds like great advice, it will be hard for you to accept: ego.

You secretly think you are 100% in control of everything that happens in your life. You assume that if you aren't doing this or that your whole world as you know it will fall apart. 

That's your ego talking as you control less than you think. The world (even your world) can turn without your input. Yes, you are significant. Yes, you are special. But no, the earth does not revolve around you nor require your sole contribution to operate. 

You are a co-creator but not the sole creator.

There are many factors that influence your life experience and sometimes it's better to let go and let Fate / God / The Universe / The Unconscious / [insert whatever you believe in] take the wheel and direct your course. 

If you are trying and trying and trying but not seeing the desired results, why not stop trying for a bit? It doesn't mean you are a failure, it means you are self-aware enough to recognize when you are overwhelmed and need to pull back instead of lean in.

When you find you can go neither backward nor forward, when you are convinced that all the exits are blocked, either you take to believing in miracles or you stand still like the hummingbird. 

The miracle is that the honey is always there, right under your nose, only you were too busy searching elsewhere to realize it. 

The worst is not death but being blind, blind to the fact that everything about life is in the nature of the miraculous.
— Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird

From our vantage point, there is a remarkable manner in which hummingbirds — with their wings flapping 80 beats per second and their hearts pounding 1,260 beats per minute in the midst of the flurry of activity around finding nectar — seem to stop and stand still in mid air.

A hummingbird needs a lot of nectar to sustain its high metabolism and unmatched aerial speed and agility. It must move far and fast, almost non-stop, to visit enough flowers to meet its daily requirements.

Yet, if it did not have this remarkable ability to hover, it would not be able to detect or extract its food source. The ability to hover is the hummingbird’s most exceptional physical and mental feat. Most comfortable en flight, it is also its most vulnerable. 

It takes wisdom and courage to recognize a power and intelligence greater than you and to trust in it more than your own abilities. 

Believing in the miracles inherent to life and standing still are actually the same thing. Instead of stressing out about all of the different things you need to do to manifest your desires, a simple solution is to stop doing and simply stand still like the hummingbird