Manifestation tip 8: sow the seed

Manifestation tip 8: sow the seed

If you don't plant it, it won't grow. Here's an affirmational poem to inspire the work necessary to produce the outcomes you desire in your life.  

Write it down, reflect on it, make a little tune out of it. Repeat it until you truly believe that the work you put in will pay off, and much more than you can imagine.

Just don’t forget to do the work.

Early, out in the field, laboring with my hands. Planting my seeds, cultivating my land. Under the sun I toil, daily 'til dusk sets in. Fertilizing the soil, preparing for a new season.

At harvest time, I will gather up all of my produce from the field, and the fruit it will yield.I'll indulge in the sweetness when it's at its ripest — at harvest time.

For everything I've given, for all the work I've done. I'm waiting for my harvest, my compensation. It'll be more than I envisioned, more than enough provisions. Luscious and bountiful, a fruitful season.