Manifestation tip 1: tell the truth

Manifestation tip 1: tell the truth

If you are experiencing hardship in a particular area of your life, it's important to tell the truth about the problem. 

Ignoring it, running from it and lying to yourself about it won't resolve it. Merely chanting positive affirmations won't make it better. 

In fact, if you chant an affirmation that your unconscious does not believe in, you may create a stronger resistance as the energy around the problem reinforces itself in direct response to your delusion.

The problem will become more pronounced as it seeks acknowledgment. Your suppressed emotions about the problem may become explosive as they seek expression.

Self-deception is never a solution. Denying reality disrespects that which has already been created. You can't create new conditions by downplaying or disregarding what already exists. 

This does not mean dwell on the problem. It means accept it for what it is. Be forthright about the state you are in. Then it will be easier to redirect your energy and find a solution. 

Manifestation tip 1: tell the truth