Botané Brand Suite + Website

Botané Brand Suite + Website

from 749.00

Botané is a fully designed brand suite and website for an aspiring or current entrepreneur or creator who has a botanical-themed business or idea they want to bring to life swiftly and beautifully.

You can preview the brand and website here using passcode EveresseBrands. Everything you see is included and much more. This unique brand suite and ready-to-run website would be perfect for a:

  • Garden and landscape designer

  • Indoor plant or flower blogger

  • Florist or flower shop owner

  • Botanical-focused artist

  • Online plant entrepreneur

  • Personal website for botanical hobbyist

The brand suite and website design includes the following:

Brand Elements

  • Brand name (Botané)

  • 30+ free-use images

  • Custom color palette

  • 3-font type system

  • 4 logo variations

Website Elements

  • Branded domain (

  • Squarespace hosted

  • G-suite email address

  • 7 website pages

  • Blog and shop set up

  • Website popup

  • Email newsletter widget

Bonus Elements

  • Pinterest account

  • Brand book/style guide

Notable Features

  • One-of-kind design

  • All-in-one brand suite

  • Cohesive visual identity

  • Live, ready-to-run site

  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Optional customization

The average cost of a branding suite and website design is over $7500, which is prohibitive to many. Botané is available for less than 10% of this standard cost in order to make it attainable to an entrepreneur or creator who want to launch their idea swiftly, affordably and beautifully.

I'm constantly drawn to plants and flowers. After I created and sold The Floralogist, a beautiful indoor plant blog, I still kept getting dozens of inquiries about it each month. I'm clearly not the only one who finds botanicals alluring.

A friend recently pointed out that, coincidentally, my first name means botanist in Yoruba. This gave me the idea for another concept, Botané. If I were to start a flora-themed business or project, this is exactly how I'd want my brand and website to look.

I have too many initiatives right now to run Botané myself, but figured another fellow botanical enthusiast would appreciate having this readymade suite to bring their own idea to life.

– from Aja, the Editor-in-Chief of Everesse and creator of Botané

This is not a website template but a one-of-kind and all-in-one brand suite and completely built, ready-to-run website. It is a unique concept available to one party. Once it is sold it will not be replicated. Everything you need to launch your business or idea is included. You simply need to update the pages with your content (which we can also do for you for a small customization add-on).

When you purchase the brand suite and website we will turn over the elements to you once your payment clears (typically within 2 business days) and provide step-by-step instructions on how to get it up and running. You can preview the brand and website here using passcode EveresseBrands. The branded domain ( wil be connected for you upon purchase.

Important Terms

The brand suite and website is sold as-is unless you choose the customization add-on. The add-on is not a complete redesign but a reasonable tweak of the existing elements to tailor to your needs (e.g. updating the existing website pages with text or images you provide). Customizations are made within 3-5 business days of receiving your content.

The website requires a web hosting subscription to Squarespace which starts at $12 a month for a standard website and $18 a month for an e-commerce website. Everesse uses Squarespace and highly recommends it as it contains everything you need to run your website with no additional widgets or services required.

None of the Botané brand elements, including the name, are registered trademarks. However, guidance on how to trademark can be provided upon request. Also note that due to its digital nature, we are unable to accept returns after the brand suite and website are purchased.

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