The Gratitude Collection

The Gratitude Collection

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Modern psychology has found gratitude to be directly linked to your sense of well-being and happiness.

Cultivating gratitude means choosing an outlook that is optimistic, mindful and grateful. It entails recognizing all of the many wins and successes in your life to date, while also actively generating even more opportunities for future wins and successes.

Gratitude is a critical step in any personal development process. Studies show that a daily gratitude practice has the power to make you feel optimistic and abundant, and experience enduring happiness.

Starting a gratitude practice initiates a virtuous cycle of joy which leads to a plethora of life-changing benefits. To help you reap these powerful benefits and cultivate a thankful mindset, we have created the Gratitude Collection as a special resource.

Available in both print and digital editions, the collection includes:

Each of these is a powerful, stand-alone resource to further happiness, goal achievement and gratitude in its own right. But, taken in combination they constitute a vigorous and uniquely systematic approach of rapidly creating more joy and satisfaction in your life.

How the Gratitude Collection Works

Step 1: The Happiness Workbook Outlines Your Life Vision

The Happiness Workbook helps you set out a vision for what a happy life looks like to you. Based on positive psychology, it provides a research-backed method for achieving happiness that lasts. It makes you aware of where you are right now and what you need to do in order to close the gap between where you want to be.

Step 2: The Manifestation Journal Sets the Strategy to Materialize Your Vision

The Manifestation Journal is not an esoteric tool, but a rational technique for pursuing your life vision. It guides you through a step-by-step strategy for taking action and systematically bringing forth (i.e. “manifesting”) the ideas and goals that make you happy.

Step 3: The Gratitude Diary Amplifies and Extends Your Happiness

Finally, the Gratitude Diary is your surefire way to cultivate gratefulness and life satisfaction in your everyday life. It not only helps you reflect on and appreciate your big wins and successes, but also the simple and smaller ones. Sharpening your mindfulness, it also helps you spot additional opportunities for growth and success.

Step 4:: The Thank You Cards Empower You to Spread Gratitude

If you are looking for a simple and surefire way to make someone’s day, look no further. This thoughtfully crafted set of thank you note cards is all you need to express appreciation and spread joy, positivity and gratitude beyond yourself.

Digital Edition

Customers of the digital edition will instantly receive a set of high-quality files with the entire contents of the collection.

For your convenience, The Happiness Planner, Manifestation Journal and Gratitude Diary can be printed at home in 8.5x11 and A4 sizes. The Thank You Notes can be printed in 4x6 inch post card size.

All digital files can also be viewed and edited in any PDF annotation app, including but not limited to:

  • OneNote

  • GoodNotes

  • Preview

  • Notability

  • Adobe Acrobat

Print Edition

Customers of the print edition will receive The Happiness Planner, Manifestation Journal and Gratitude Diary printed as three luxurious physical booklets with the following specifications:

  • Semi-gloss 216 GSM (80#) coated cover stock

  • Smooth, matte 118 GSM (80#) text stock

  • Perfect bound

  • 8.5x11 inches (21x27 cm)

  • Made in the US

The Thank You note card set is also included and you will receive three of each geometric design for a total of 9 note cards with the following specifications:

  • Perfect 4x6 inch size

  • 19 pt luxurious, thick paper stock

  • Silky matte coating for front design

  • Simple uncoated memo space for writing on back

  • Made in the US

Customers of the print collection will also receive the digital edition of the collection.


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