The Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal

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Modern psychology has found gratitude to be directly linked to your sense of well-being and happiness.

The Gratitude Journal is an Everesse Study workbook that teaches you how to cultivate a gratitude mindset in only 30 days and experience more happiness as a result.

Cultivating gratitude means choosing an outlook that is optimistic, mindful and grateful. It entails recognizing all of the many wins and successes in your life to date, while also actively generating even more opportunities for future wins and successes.

Gratitude is a critical step in any personal development process. Studies show that a daily gratitude practice has the power to make you feel optimistic and abundant, and experience enduring happiness. Starting a gratitude practice initiates a virtuous cycle of joy which leads to a plethora of life-changing benefits.


A systematic and structured series of gratitude exercises and prompts for every day helps you:

  1. identify the many good things, wins and successes in your life to date while amplifying your appreciation and feelings of gratefulness for these

  2. genuinely thank the people in your life who make you happy, thus strengthening the relationships you cherish

  3. multiply the number of good people and good things in your life, leading to increased life satisfaction and well-being.


  • increases your awareness of the good in your life

  • helps you adopt a more optimistic and mindful outlook

  • amplifies your feelings of thankfulness and enduring happiness

  • elevates your mental (and physical) health and overall sense of well-being

  • empowers you to build stronger relationships with those who are sources of happiness for you


Our Gratitude Journal is a compilation of 30 research-backed prompts and exercises (preview prompts and pages below) that you work on for only a few minutes every day of the month. Featuring custom artwork and beautifully designed minimalist interior spreads, this journal will be a delight to open up each day.

Instead of only repeating generic prompts throughout the journal, we provide you with simple and unique exercises and questions that help you reflect your past, savor the present, while more and more creating the future you want for yourself.

Example prompts include:

  • Special memories and moments I intend to relive

  • The things that are going well in my life right now

  • Individuals that enrich and positively influence my life

  • Beautiful and uplifting words that make me feel great

  • Some of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned

  • Attributes that I admire about myself

  • A letter of thank you to someone special

Digital Edition

The digital edition includes instant access to a high-quality file that can be viewed and marked up in any eReader or annotation app, including but not limited to:

  • Kindle

  • Apple Books

  • GoodNotes

  • Mac Preview

  • Notability

  • Adobe Acrobat

Print Edition

The premium print edition includes the digital edition as a bonus, plus a luxurious print publication with the following specifications:

  • Semi-gloss 216 GSM (80#) soft cover stock

  • Smooth, matte 118 GSM (80#) text stock

  • Perfect bound

  • 8.5x11 inches (21x27 cm) in size

  • Printed in the US


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