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Led by author, coach and entrepreneur Aja Edmond, we’re a socially-conscious digital media and educational enterprise on a mission to help you thrive.


Our Mission

Everesse supports fellow seekers, thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs in the quest for freedom, fulfillment and fortune. 


Personal Growth

We help you identify your purpose, put a process in place so you can pursue that purpose, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs, habits and behavior so you are always making progress.

Professional Growth

We assist you in nurturing your creative energy and channeling it towards the development of a business or venture that empowers you to work on your own terms.

Spiritual Growth

We interpret words of wisdom from the greatest philosophical and spiritual thinkers to inspire you to self-actualize and manifest your deepest desires.

Aja Edmond Everesse

The Editor

Aja Edmond is the Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Everesse as well as an author, coach and entrepreneur. She launched her career in banking before becoming a brand strategist and marketing executive in the luxury and lifestyle space.

With a more meaningful vision for her life in mind, she attended business school at Stanford University and soon after launched a number of personal development and lifestyle ventures that enabled her to live and work on her own terms.

Aja currently lives on Portugal’s stunning silver coast and the sea, sun and sand is the perfect backdrop for creating, writing and coaching. Most importantly she is living her life’s purpose: which is to help you define and pursue yours.



the everesse study

A robust suite of thoughtful, minimal and beautiful tools that foster personal, creative, professional and spiritual development.

Personal Coaching

A transformative program and proprietary framework that uses one-on-one support, guidance and accountability to catapult you to new levels in your personal, creative or professional pursuits.

Business Consulting

Aja and Everesse have worked with iconic, emerging and startup businesses such as Disney, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Skagen, Kate Spade, Procter & Gamble, Gilt, eBay and Pernod Ricard. Learn more about our strategic consulting, coaching and interim management programs.



Press Inquiries

Aja’s various ventures have been featured in a number of publications and media outlets such as Fast Company, Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, Squarespace, GQ, Pop Sugar, Thrive Global and more. Journalists may reach out for interview or feature requests.

Brand Partnerships

We advise or collaborate with a limited number of brands whose mission, aesthetic and offerings align with our ethos. Explore how you can promote your brand to our community of avid learners.

Guest Contributors

We occasionally consider guest posts from professionals and influencers who have meaningful and relevant insights that would resonate with our audience. Feel free to contact us with your idea.


What are your values?

  • Simplicity — Get more out of life by simplifying decision-making with a laser focus on what matters most and elimination of the inconsequential.

  • Beauty — Pursue good design in everywhere we go, everything we do and everything we own. Good Design that is heart-centered is one of the most powerful ways to influence. Also seek the beautiful in all things.

  • Creativity — Have an open-minded and progressive spirit. Just like nature is always experimenting and evolving so should we. Be open to fun and laughter and new ways of thinking and being.

  • Strategy — Be thoughtful and rationale about how we navigate life. Seek wisdom from principles and philosophies (such as Stoicism) that help us minimize hardship while maximizing life's pleasures (within moderation). Do what we want to do so long as we do no harm.

We also draw inspiration and direction from the following philosophies:

  • Epicureanism — pursuit of simple pleasures
  • Minimalism — use of simple strategies to streamline life and be intentional
  • Stoicism — rational thoughts and control of destructive emotions
  • Aestheticism — the study and appreciation of beauty and design
  • Progressivism — imagination and development of ideas that improve society
  • Relativism — truth is contextual and subjective not absolute

What is your purpose?

Our purpose is to use the aforementioned values and philosophies to help like-minded individuals thrive by designing their life and living on their own terms.

There are many ways we can pursue our purpose. As of right now we're focused on inspiring, empowering and supporting thinkers, creators and entrepreneurs who have ideas, skills, and talents to contribute to the world.

What do you mean by freedom, fulfillment and fortune?

A "balanced" life contains all three. It gives you the ability to design your life and live on your own terms.

It gives you a sense of purpose and a feeling that you and your work matters (i.e. that you are living a life of consequence).

But it also helps you build wealth because a person who struggles financially for too long will not feel free or fulfilled.

Of course there will always be ups and downs and moments when things are out of balance. Our goal is to provide support when that inevitably happens.

Which program is right for me?

The easiest way to decide which program is right for you is to set up a complimentary coaching session with Aja. She will discuss your personal, creative and business goals and challenges and determine whether Everesse can help. If we can, we'll figure out what offering is best suited for your situation.

How can I collaborate with you?

Please contact us to discuss ways in which we can potentially partner or collaborate.