The tools I use to run my business

I heavily invest in apps and services to run my day. Here’s an edited selection of the tools I use.


This is the absolute best appointment scheduler on the market. Their all-in-one platform integrates with Stripe and Paypal. So, in addition to scheduling, you can automatically accept payments (for instance, if your calls/sessions are for services, consulting or coaching).


You'll get to a point in your business where you'll need to start keeping a solid handle on income and expenses. If you don't want this part of your business taking up a disproportionate amount of time then bring in the pros — an online bookkeeping service dedicated to small businesses. 

Using my link above get a one-month free trial plus 20% discount if you decide to keep working with Bench beyond a month.


I’ve always been an avid reader and typically consume 2-3 books a week for personal, creative and business growth. I’ve kept a running list of books that I believe are must reads for improving your life and work. I’m also an author and you can read my books here.


I use Canva to handle almost all of my graphic design needs. From presentations and slides to beautiful social media graphics, it's perfect for non-designers who need professional-grade design assets. 

Concept Shop

I’m not just a coach, I’m a serial creative entrepreneur and part of my strategy is buying businesses with a lot of potential for growth, so I don’t always need to build from scratch. Concept Shop is a studio that builds gorgeous, ready-to-run brand concepts. You can buy one of their live sites and start running your new business in hours instead of spending months trying to get an idea off the ground (disclaimer: I own them).

If you decide to buy one of their readymade brands or hire them to create your business, use or reference discount code NEWCONCEPT to get a 10% discount.

Creative Live

This is my go-to for inspirational online courses from creative experts. It is an incredible instructional platform that empowers you to master your current craft or learn something new.

Using my link above you can get a discount on their Creator Pass, a low cost monthly or annual subscription that gives you access to over 1500 courses on their platform.

Designing Your Life

This is an outstanding course created by two Stanford professors that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to determine and pursue purpose, get unstuck and live on their own terms. Based on their #1 NYT best-selling books, it uses a methodology called design thinking to empower you with actionable tools to create and live a more meaningful life.

Not only have I read the book and taken the course, I also attended Stanford business school where I studied design thinking and first became familiar with these professors and their work. So I enthusiastically support their mission and know that it can bring about life-changing results.


I use this software to increase engagement and conversion on my website. It allows me to place customized, non-intrusive widgets on key pages in order to target readers with relevant messages, offers and prompts to take inspired action.

It’s an excellent means of increasing subscriber opt-ins, encouraging shares and follows and directing traffic to important pages. If you browse my website a bit you will see a little button here and there. It’s small but significant in terms of results. Use my link above to start your free trail.


I recommend Bonsai’s suite of tools to put any creative or contract-based business on autopilot. From sending contracts and invoices to tracking expenses related to projects, this is an all-in-one solution for managing the day-to-day of a creative business. Use my link above to get started with a completely free trial.


I adore Moo. It is a premium online print shop that ships globally and my go-to for any print material I need for my business including business cards, post cards and stationery.


If you are an online business at some point you may be thinking of ways to diversify your income streams. One lucrative option is to generate passive income by developing online courses and other digital products. Podia is a sleek and simple platform that helps you host, manage and sell your online products. 

When you browse their site you might notice a familiar face (I’m one of their earliest users and a brand ambassador). Using my link get a free trial plus 15% discount if you decide to upgrade once your trial is over.


Everyone has an opinion about which website platform to use. As an entrepreneur, I've always used Squarespace for my businesses. It has the most beautiful templates and all of the features are integrated into the platform so no messing around with widgets and plugins.

It's also by far the easiest way to a business website up and running in days instead of months. Moreover, after using several email providers I’m currently experimenting with their simple but sophisticated email offering and love it so far. Use my link above to get started with a free trial.


Stripe is an online payment processor that allows online businesses to accept money. It integrates seamlessly with Acuity, Podia, and Squarespace so if you use any of these tools to accept payments you'll be walked through an easy setup process and voilà. In addition to Stripe I also accept Paypal. 


I am an advocate of personality tests, specifically those based on the Myers Briggs framework. You can read my in-depth article on why you need a personality test here.

Truity is a reputable psychometrics company with a sleek platform that I use and highly recommend for taking personality and other behavioral tests.


As part of maintaining a strong brand I believe elevated imagery is a must. I take a lot of my own photos but also love Unsplash for finding free, really good looking stock photos that match my aesthetic. 


I go back and forth with conferencing providers but ultimately Zoom stands out. It allows me to easily host my coaching sessions via audio or video, host digital workshops, record and share screen, integrate directly with Acuity, and much more.


I have a Pinterest-first marketing strategy because of the massive amount of traffic Pinterest drives to my website and the ability to simultaneously rank high in Google as a result. Tailwind is the Pinterest-approved platform I use for managing and optimizing my Pins and I highly recommend them. Use my link above to get started with a free trial.