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I'm Aja, the Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Everesse as well as an author, coach and entrepreneur. Everesse is a socially-conscious digital media and educational company that, along with its sub-brands, reaches over 100,000 avid learners each month.

My mission is to help you design your life and elevate your work. I love my job, create my schedule, travel the world and indulge in simple pleasures. In short, I am thriving. But life and business weren’t always this ideal. It wasn't until I developed a clear vision and growth mindset that things got interesting. 

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I went to business school at Stanford University after a few unfulfilling years working in finance. I used those amazing two years to create a philosophy and plan for my life. Of course I graduated, got nervous about not making money, and ended up working as a fashion marketing executive in New York!

It wasn't a bad move. I loved the city and even met a nice guy, but kept having a nagging feeling that I'd never be satisfied if I didn't at least try to carry out my plan. My intuition was telling me that I needed to go down a different path to truly happy.

My partner (the nice guy I met in NYC) is German and was in the U.S. on a diplomatic assignment so when his post was up we had the big relationship talk: does he stay in the states or do I move with him back to Europe? Or do we split? We said we’d think about it and regroup in a few weeks.

Yet, when I walked into the office the next day and stared at my soulless desk under the assault of artificial lights I made a spontaneous decision right then and there: I'm leaving Corporate America. I’m going to Europe with this wonderful person and will use the adventure as an opportunity to carry out my plan.

And if it all blows up in flames? So be it.

Well, it didn't blow up.

I called a meeting with my boss and put in my notice on the spot. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life – despite the financial, professional, and personal risks. I trusted my heart over my head and it paid off.

We took a year-long sabbatical and traveled to half a dozen countries on our bucket lists. Then we settled in Berlin and I started a successful business and brand strategy consultancy and launched Everesse — a personal, creative, and business coaching platform — to support others who have similar aspirations.

Fast forward and I happily run Everesse whil living on Portugal's stunning silver coast and the sea, sun and sand is the perfect backdrop for creating, writing and coaching.

My team and I draw from our diverse professional and creative background as well as our personal experiences to support fellow independent spirits in their pursuits. Each one of us is living out our dreams and we want to inspire you to live yours too.

You can design a life that thrives — one that gives you freedom, fulfillment, and financial success. If this resonates with you, book a complimentary coaching call and let's get started.


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